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Key Benefits of Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are the most effective, least costly option to save energy in existing homes and buildings. They extend roof life by preventing water, chemical, or physical damage, helping shed water and keeping building interiors dry.

Roof coatings protect and prolong the roof system life cycle by reducing the " thermal Shock" stress associated with large temperature changes, helping building owners save money. Solar reflective roof coatings reflect visible light and infrared and ultraviolet radiation, leading to lower roof temperatures which in turn reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect and lower air conditioning costs and peak energy use, especially in warmer climates. Reflective roof coatings  conditioning units and reduce interior temperatures on buildings with no cooling units

Solar reflective roof coatings also benefit the environment. By reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect, they reduce carbon footprints and smog while lessening the amount of roofing waste going to landfills.

Three Benefits of Solar Reflective Roof Coatings

1.   Energy Savings Potential with Retrofits: 2.5 billion square feet of roofs are replaced or re-­‐coated annually, compared to only 0.5 billion square feet of roofs on new buildings. Therefore, the energy savings potential of retrofitting existing roofs is five times greater than for new buildings.

2.   Waste Reduction: Roofing materials are the third-­‐greatest contributor to waste in landfills. Roof coatings prolong the roof life and prevent tear-­‐off and waste.

3.    Air Quality Improvement: Solar reflective roof coatings reduce smog and improve air quality by lowering ambient temperatures. In cities like Los Angeles, air quality research has demonstrated that for every 1° rise in summer temperatures, smog formation can increase by 3 percent.

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